“Carol’s counselling has helped us turn our relationship around.  We were very close to separating when we first came and now we’re happier and closer and much more able to resolve issues.  …….  I feel she has always been fair and helped us both to see things from the other’s point of view.  We were very lucky the day we met her.  She has helped us so much”.


 “It has been an amazing few weeks that has given me back hope, brought clarity and personal revelation and has helped to turn around a situation that felt without hope.  I feel that my partner and I are finding a new intimacy because of our time with Carol.  It has been invaluable”.


“I couldn’t recommend Carol more strongly.  Thank you so much.  You managed to get two people who often think and process things differently to understand theories and practice ways to help ourselves.  We’re back to happy and looking forward to the future!”


“I feel that the counselling we were given was second to none.  I sincerely believe that without Carol we would not be together at this time. I feel confident for the future”.

"Carol provided a warm, solid, holding space in which she was very much part of the process. She gave insightful feedback which I think helped us both to look at things from new perspectives. This helped us to shift a little out of well worn patterns of relating. There were some tough sessions between myself and my partner but Carol managed them despite our anger and frustration with each other. I know we both felt we were in safe hands and appreciated the experience that Carol bought which was tangible. I’m very grateful for her time, experience, warmth and confidence to challenge and in many ways will miss working with her. "


“This has been such a positive experience.  Carol was incredibly insightful.  It was wonderful to have such an empathetic and supportive experience at every session.  I now feel I have the tools I need to continue to grow in a positive direction with my partner, something that felt barely possible at the start of this journey.” 

"Carol was firm, but fair, and (to Carol’s immense credit) never made either of us feel judged, and she remained impartial throughout. Never had the impression she was advocating one over another. She did a great job calling us out where needed and making each of us genuinely listen to each other. If either of us were over the top in describing situations / emotions/ feelings etc she’d pull us back."


“Thank you for guiding us through a bad place and giving us the tools to feel strong, positive and excited about our relationship again.  So much knowledge I have gained.  I couldn’t recommend Carol enough”


“Thank you Carol.  You’ve created an atmosphere of trust and helped me reflect and think differently about the possibility for my relationship”


“Carol was a great listener, moderating discussions with warmth, humour and insight.  The sessions have given me a greater understanding of my relationship and offered a hope I think would have been difficult to fashion without Carol’s help and care”.


“Having somebody help us to understand ourselves and each other in a calm way and in a calm environment has given us the tools to deal with issues in the future”


 “(the counselling is) one of the best thing I’ve ever done.  Helpful beyond words.  Thanks Carol”


 “I would like to express how amazing Carol was as counsellor.  I would highly recommend her.  A massive thank you”.


“It really did help talking and bringing things to the surface. Carol was fantastic with her caring attitude” “Six sessions have changed me and my relationship massively.  Can’t thank you enough”


“Carol has been outstanding.  Even in moments of distress she has been calming, honest, open and supportive.  Thank you for helping our lives massively improve”


“Very helpful.  Always looked forward to the sessions.  Very pleased we decided to come”


“We have had a very positive experience.  Carol was extremely kind and supportive and helped us work through our issues of the past”


“Carol – super, lovely and very kind.  She made me feel exceptionally comfortable and relaxed and was able to help with a variety of issues”


“A very positive experience.  It was a safe, comfortable place to talk about issues that couldn’t be discussed at home”.

“I have been hugely impressed with the support given me during the most challenging episode of my life.  Carol has been one of the most fundamental contributors to me being in a position to put my marriage back together”